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After-sale service

Quality Commitment Letter

1. Strictly follow the contract requirements and provide products that meet design standards and meet quality standards.

2. Strictly inspect and control the incoming quality of raw materials, components, and supporting parts.

3. Ensure that the provided equipment has complete processing technology and complete testing methods. The product will never leave the factory with defects.

4. Promptly report any quality defects that occur during the equipment manufacturing process to the purchaser's representative without concealing them. If the equipment exceeds the standards specified in the contract, the supplier shall replace it unconditionally. During the installation and trial operation process, if there are quality issues with the equipment, the problem should be dealt with first, and then the responsibility should be clarified. Everything should be based on meeting the needs of the project schedule.

5. Insure the supplied equipment during manufacturing, transportation, loading and unloading processes. In the event of an accident, we shall promptly replace and repair the supplied equipment free of charge as required until the demand is satisfied.

6. During the unpacking process, if any missing parts or components are found to be lost due to other reasons, we are responsible for promptly making up the missing parts for free. If any quality issues are found during the installation, debugging, and future operation of the equipment due to our own reasons, we will bear the responsibility and compensate the demander for any direct economic losses suffered.



After sales service commitment

1. Service plan (including content, time, personnel, etc.):

Provide the demander with all technical information specified in the contract in a timely manner; We will provide on-site technical services as required by the purchaser, and within one year of after-sales service, we will be responsible for providing free on-site guidance on actual measurements. The training time shall not be less than three days;

Every year, a business training course on equipment installation, debugging, use, and maintenance is held for the demand side in Xi'an.

The company's user service center is staffed with dedicated personnel to provide 24-hour online service to customers, remotely guiding them to implement on-site operations through modern communication and transmission technology.

Email:xasifang_xb@126.com,Service Phone:029-86526692 / 13991384920

2. Lifetime maintenance method:

After receiving the quality issue information reported by the purchaser, respond within 24 hours or dispatch service personnel to arrive at the site as soon as possible to ensure that the user is not satisfied with the quality and the service does not stop.

During the warranty period of the equipment, free maintenance will be provided. After the warranty period expires, maintenance will only be charged at cost and will last for a lifetime.

3. After sales service commitment:

Quality and acceptance shall be carried out in accordance with national standards, ministerial standards, or industry standards.

Strengthen pre-sales, during sales, and after-sales services, and implement "advanced service", "whole process service", and "lifelong service" throughout the entire process of product manufacturing, installation, debugging, and maintenance.

Meet the demand for spare parts at any time. The equipment warranty period is one year, with lifelong maintenance.

Meet the demand for spare parts at any time, and implement product technology upgrades for users free of charge within ten years.