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SVA-303A of transformer comprehensive tester

The data is automatically recorded during the whole test process, and the volt-ampere characteristic curve is automatically depicted and displayed.


Instrument for transformer testing

Product description

product overview

all-automatic tester only needs simple digital setting:

sets the highest test voltage and the maximum current device will automatically step up from zero.

automatically records the data during the whole test process, and automatically depicts and displays the volt-ampere characteristic curve, thus eliminating the cumbersome labor such as manual pressure regulation, manual recording, sorting and curve tracing, fast, simple, accurate and convenient

performance characteristics

, full-featured

can test CT/PT: "volt-ampere characteristics", "5%, 10% and 15% error curves", "Variable ratio, polarity", "angle difference, ratio difference", "secondary direct resistance" and "secondary load", "secondary circuit", "secondary withstand voltage" and demagnetization function.

• Built-in functional status description, without instructions, easy to operate and master.

2, high output voltage and large capacity

volt-ampere characteristic test: the maximum output voltage of a single machine is as high as 2500V, which can be used for volt-ampere characteristic test of 500KV class 1A current transformer. Variable ratio test: maximum current output up to 600A. The power output of the equipment is all real voltage and current values, and the waveform is a standard sine wave with a frequency of 50Hz; it can truly and effectively simulate the real state of the transformer and meet the relevant national maintenance regulations.

• Voltage regulation resolution can reach 0.15V

at the minimum, large screen fully Chinese graphical interface, direct display of volt-ampere curve during rotating mouse operation

• test, automatic scaling of coordinates, clear and beautiful, intuitive and convenient.

• The panel comes with a printer, which can print graphs and test data at any time.

• The operation is carried out by using our original photoelectric rotating mouse. Completely cancel the panel keys, switches, control knobs and other conventional controls. The operation is very convenient and simple, just left-hand, right-hand, click, you can complete all operations.

4, additional functions comprehensive

with large capacity memory, can store 2000 sets of test data, data power loss will never be lost;

has perfect data query, browsing, printing, emptying and other functions.

• Inflection point automatic calculation function, test data filtering and printing function.

• Backlight software adjustment function; comes with date/time function.

• With RS232 communication interface, you can upload data to the computer through the interface to save, edit and print.

• With a U disk interface, data can be uploaded to the U disk for storage through the interface.

• Single machine integration, light weight, easy to carry, easy to flow test.

Technical Parameters

Input Voltage

Output Highest Voltage

Output maximum current


measurement accuracy

CT volt-ampere output





< 0.5

CT transformation ratio output





< 0.5

CT variable ratio measurement

ratio maximum display: 999.9K:5/1

< 0.5

PT ratio measurement

ratio highest display: 999.9K:100, 150, 100/ , 100/

< 0.5

direct resistance measurement

maximum measured resistance: 0.1-20 ohms

1 ohms: the following 3% or more <1%

angle difference

minimum display: 0.01 points accuracy: 10 points

ratio difference

minimum display: 0.01 accuracy:<0.5

secondary current

current: 0-200A time: 1~5 minutes

secondary withstand voltage

voltage: 0-2500V time: 1~5 minutes

working temperature

-10~55 ℃

working voltage

AC220V (20%)50Hz

tester host volume

420 × 300X270

Host Weight





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