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Cable Fault Tester DGS-AV/35-8E

Can be used alone or in conjunction with high voltage equipment


Power cable fault detection instrument

Product description

Instrument Usage

Can be used alone or in conjunction with high voltage equipment;

• Used for accurate and rapid rough measurement of short circuit and open circuit of cables and wires and all types of main insulation faults;

• Display the position of cable intermediate joint; calibrate cable length.

Performance Characteristics

Distance Measurement, Speed Measurement and Resistance Measurement.

• The system automatically samples continuously and never misses any discharge waveform.

• Automatically judge whether the fault point is discharged or not, and Chinese characters prompt the operation process.

• Automatically judge the nature of the fault and prompt the test method.

• Automatic fault finding.

• Automatic and manual dual waveform comparison display.

• Test method: pulse method, flashover induction method.

• Display the real-time time, and display the current actual time when turning on or resetting.

• Memory can store ten field test waveforms, not afraid of power failure.

Performance Parameters

Operating Power Supply: AC/DC Dual-purpose AC 220V(1±10%), 50Hz(1±5%)DC 24V Built-in Lithium Battery Pack

Operation Mode: Touch Screen Operation

Storage Mode: USB2.0 Communication Interface, U disk storage

• Test distance: Smax≥ 50km; Smin has no test blind area.

System Measurement Error: Absolute Error of Rough Measurement: 5m; Relative Error of Rough Measurement: 2%

Display: 5.7 "Color Touch (LCD) Display

Printing Method: External

Operating Environment: Temperature:-10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Humidity: RH≤ 90%

• Weight: 5.6kg


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