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Ground resistance tester SET-184

Earthing grid and lightning arrester for power system measurement


Power system grounding test instrument

Product description

Instrument Usage

Instruments dedicated to measuring grounding resistance of grounding grids, lightning arresters and other electrical equipment grounding devices can also be used to measure grounding resistance of grounding bodies in telecommunication, railway and other communication systems.

performance characteristics

due to the product is composed of all-electronic circuit, using integrated circuit inverter constant current source, superior performance, large output current

using four-wire measurement, its resolution is high and error is small, it is especially suitable for measuring the grounding resistance

of large grounding grid with light structure design, small volume, light weight, simple operation and convenient carrying. It is an ideal product to replace the old shaking table

Technical parameters

measurement range: third gear 0~100 Ω

0~10 Ω

0~1 Ω

accuracy: (full scale) 3%

auxiliary grounding rod grounding resistance: <2kΩ

power supply mode: DC12V(8 5th batteries)

operating environment temperature: 0~40 ℃

temperature: 85RH 40 ℃

Exterior Dimension: 140 × 190 × 75

Weight: 1Kg


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