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control protector

With over-current protection function, the protection current can be continuously adjusted


High pressure test equipment

Product description

Instrument Usage

is mainly used in conjunction with various types of high voltage test transformers.

can also be used as a power frequency AC power supply of 0~250V.

Performance Parameters

Input Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

Output Voltage: 0~250V 50Hz

Output Power: 0.5 ~ several hundred kVA, different models have different powers;

has overcurrent protection function, and the protection current can be continuously adjusted;

has high-voltage output indication, low-voltage side or high-voltage side leakage current indication function, and the accuracy is 2.5;

• The controller has overvoltage, Overcurrent protection, zero start and other functions;

has the functions of voltage, current, temperature and humidity display;

• With automatic timing, sound and light prompt function.


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