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DGD-SD801 of cable fault fixed point instrument

Have the function of measuring the cable path


Fixed point instrument

Product description

Performance Features

Acousto-Magnetic Synchronous Measurement, Split Structure, LCD Visually Display Received Electromagnetic Signal Strength, Instrument Host Position Deviation from Measured Cable Path Direction, Acousto-Magnetic Signal Time Difference Information Received by Instrument Discharge at Cable Fault Point, Easy to Use;

• has the function of measuring the cable path;

• has the function of roughly estimating the buried depth of the cable.

Technical Parameters

Receiver Sensitivity: 0.2964μV for Acoustic Channel and 1.875μV for Electromagnetic Channel;

Receiver Received Signal Band: Acoustic Channel 110~600Hz, Electromagnetic Channel 9.5~30kHz;

Received Signal Amplification Factor: Acoustic Channel Greater than 102.6dB, Electromagnetic Channel Greater than 70.1dB;

• Received Signal Dynamic Range: Acoustic Channel Greater than 100dB, Electromagnetic Channel Greater than 80dB;

cable fault point positioning error: within ± 0.5m;

headphone DC impedance: 60Ω × 2;

working power supply: 8 No.5 batteries 12V (normal working voltage 6.5~13V), working time is more than 20 hours;

• Working environment temperature range:-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;

• Peripheral dimensions of the whole machine: main machine 200 × 130 × 95, probe φ 140 × 180 (excluding lifting rod and earphone);

overall weight: less than 3.5Kg (excluding packing box).


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