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DGD-SD5 of cable fault fixed point instrument

The DGD-SD5 synchronous fixed-point instrument uses acoustic methods to determine the fault point of the power cable.


Fixed point instrument

Product description

product overview

DGD-SD5 synchronous fixed point meter uses acoustic method to determine the fault point of power cable.

• Electronic flashover is generated by means of impulse discharge generator.

• The acousto-magnetic signal of the electronic flashover wave is picked up and amplified by the corresponding probe, which is judged by hearing and vision. After the sound and magnetic pulse signals are received, the corresponding indicator lights on the fixed point meter will light up. The time when the sound pulse reaches the fixed point instrument is indicated by the four-digit liquid crystal display to indicate the distance between the fault point and the operator, so as to guide the operator to detect the fault point and finally locate the point.

Performance Parameters

Gain: 100 dB (Variable)

Filter A:120 Hz-800 Hz

Filter B:120 Hz-3000 Hz

Time Measurement Range: 0.1 mS-999.9mS

indicator light 1 (red): acoustic threshold (AP)

indicator light 2 (red): magnetic pulse (MP)

LED display: indication acoustic pulse arrival time

input impedance: 500 Ω (microphone to ground)

microphone socket: BNC

output impedance: 500 Ω (for earphone)

working mode: there are three working modes

mode 1 sound measurement and time measurement positioning; Mode 2 sound measurement and positioning; Mode 3 positioning

power supply: 8 No.5 batteries

working time: about 40 hours

working temperature:-10-50 ℃

Volume: 200 × 100 × 80(mm)

Weight: 1.2Kg


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