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Cable Path Meter DGL-50G

After the sound and magnetic pulse signals are received, the corresponding indicator light on the fixed point instrument will light up.



Product description

Instrument Usage

• Accurately detect the path direction and burial depth of buried metal pipelines.

• Including metal pipes, communication cables, power cables, etc.

• It is especially suitable for accurately detecting the path and depth of various types of power cables that are out of service or are running live.

• It can be used to accurately locate the low resistance short circuit fault and open circuit disconnection fault of various types of power cables.

• It can also be used to identify a specific cable among multiple parallel cables of the same model.

Performance Features

With GPS positioning function, path coordinates (including longitude, latitude and test position height) data and pipeline route map can be collected in real time during pipeline route testing.

• The instrument can retain GPS data of multiple pipelines under test at the same time, can output data through R232 port and has power-off protection function.

• GPS has a ranging function, and has a search and navigation function for the measured cable location.

• Through the LCD display, real-time display of the actual depth of buried pipelines.

• With path "compass" direction indication function.

• With a variety of signal frequency selection, at the same time with 0.8KHZ to 10KHZ, the frequency of continuous automatic adjustment of the pull-stop matching function.

• With peak and valley judgment test methods.

• The position of the buried pipeline can be indicated by sound and image at the same time.

• The signal source can be powered by AC mains or DC power supply, and the output power is continuously adjustable.

Performance Parameters

Signal Source Part:

Operating Current: AC: 220V/50Hz

DC: 24V

Output Power: Not Less than 50W

Output Frequency: 15KHz, 30KHz, 0.8~10KHz automatic matching

receiver part:

working current:(8 5th batteries) 12V

receiving frequency: 50Hz(2 frequencies), 0.8~10Hz, 15KHz, 33KHz


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