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Multiple Pulse Cable Fault Tester DGS-AV/35-9C

Calibrate the length of the cable/wire and the propagation speed of the wave in the cable


Power cable fault detection instrument

Product description

Instrument use

• Used to test all types of faults of 66kV and above power cables.

• Calibrate the length of the cable/wire and the propagation speed of the wave in the cable.

Performance Characteristics

Distance Measurement, Speed Measurement and Resistance Measurement.

• Can test high resistance, low resistance, open circuit, short circuit and other faults

• With multiple pulse test function.

• Low-voltage pulse output 450V

• Can continuously sample and display waveforms.

• In the "sampling" state, the instrument can switch between "pulse 1" and "pulse 2" at will.

• Store more than 100 million field test waveforms without fear of power failure.

• Automatic continuous sampling to improve the fault measurable rate

• Windows Chinese operating system, simple and convenient operation.

• With double waveform comparison function, fault point judgment is more convenient.

• Applicable cable laying methods are: various direct burial, channel, tunnel, bridge, pipe and other environments.

• High precision: The error of precise positioning from the fault point is not more than 0.5 meters.

Performance Parameters

Operating Power Supply: AC/DC Dual-purpose AC 220V(1±10%)50Hz(1±5%), DC 24V Lithium Ion Charging Battery Pack and Special Charger

Operation Mode: touch screen operation

realizes U disk storage function, which can store waveform data in U disk

display: 10 "color LCD screen

printing mode: external

usage environment: temperature:-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

humidity: RH≤ 90%

weight: 5 kg


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