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Cable identification device DSB-19

A portable instrument used for testing and identifying both live and non live cables



Product description

Instrument Usage

• A portable instrument used for testing and identifying both live and non live cables, suitable for testing and identifying various types of power cables.


Performance characteristics

• The instrument of this product adopts fuzzy judgment technology such as pulse direction, phase, amplitude, and time space, advanced data processing technology, high sensitivity induction coupling technology, human-machine interaction interface humanization technology, and portable structure design.

• It has a simple, reliable, and safe identification function for various types of live and non live cables, and has a simple operation, intuitive display interface, and sufficient space for software upgrade and improvement.

• Powered by a large capacity lithium battery, it is not limited by usage occasions, small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry.


Technical Parameter

Signal source part:

1) Output pulse signal broadband: 5-12 microseconds

2) Output pulse signal amplitude: 250V

3) Output pulse signal current: 0-83 A

4) Pulse repetition rate: 20-25 times/minute

5) Application method: charged coupling, non charged direct connection, or coupling

6) Display interface: LCD displays battery level or voltage

7) Power supply method: 12.6V3000mAh lithium battery power supply

8) Working time: greater than 10 hours

9) Weight:<3Kg

Detector section:

1) Receiver sensitivity: set to no more than 15 millivolts under high sensitivity coupling clamp

2) Operation method: Touch the manual button

3) Gain: 32 gears, touch manual adjustment

4) Display method: Color LCD display screen, displaying signal waveform, gain gear, battery level, touch buttons, etc

5) Identification method: Multi criterion identification of pulse direction (signal phase), amplitude, etc

6) Power supply method: 8.4V1500mAh lithium battery power supply

7) Working time: greater than 10 hours

8) Weight:<2Kg




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