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DC High Voltage Generator ZGF Series

0.1Hz ultra-low frequency high voltage generator "using the latest power electronic components


High voltage electrical equipment experimental instrument

Product description

Instrument Usage

is suitable for DC high voltage test of zinc oxide lightning arrester, magnetic lightning arrester, power cable, generator, transformer, switch and other equipment such as power department, power department of factory and mining enterprise, scientific research unit, railway, chemical industry, power plant, etc.


Performance characteristics

• Small size, light weight, beautiful and reliable, easy to operate, complete functions, Easy to use in the field.

• Adopt advanced technology and process manufacturing, take the lead in applying the latest PWM intermediate frequency pulse width modulation technology, pulse train logic array modulation, high-power IGBT devices and large voltage feedback, so that the output high voltage stability is higher and the ripple coefficient is smaller.

• The main components of the instrument are all imported advanced technology components from the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries, which are durable and not afraid of continuous direct short-circuit discharge to the ground.

• High precision and accurate measurement. The voltage and ammeter are all digital displays, the voltage resolution is 0.1kV, and the current resolution is 1uA. The voltmeter on the control box directly displays the voltage value added to the load test product. No voltage divider is required during use, and the wiring is simple. The instrument has high and low voltage terminals to measure leakage current, and the high voltage terminal is displayed by a circular shielding digital meter. It is not afraid of discharge impact, has good anti-interference performance, and is suitable for field use.

• The voltage adjustment is highly stable, the full range of smooth voltage adjustment, the output voltage adjustment adopts imported single multi-turn potentiometer, the boosting process is stable, and the adjustment accuracy is high.

• Negative polarity output, zero start, continuously adjustable, with various protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, zero return, grounding protection, and unique disconnection protection. The automatic protection circuit has strong functions, perfect and reliable protection, and makes operation safe. Various technical indicators are better than industry standards.

• Added the function of high precision 75% VDC-1mA, which brings great convenience to the measurement of zinc oxide arrester. One click without calculation.

• Convenient over-voltage setting function adopts a digital dial switch, which can visually display the setting voltage value, making your operation more casual, and the display value unit is kV.


Technical Parameters


Voltage Measurement Accuracy

Digital Display Table (1.0 Reading 0.2KV)

Current Measurement Accuracy

Digital Display Meter (1.0 Reading 2)

Ripple Coefficient

≤ 0.5

Voltage Stability

Random Fluctuation, when the power supply voltage changes by 10% ≤ 1%

overload capacity

no-load voltage can exceed the rated voltage by 10%. The maximum charging current for 10 minutes is 1.5 times the rated current

power supply

single-phase AC 50Hz 220V 10%

working method

intermittent use

a continuous time of up to 30 minutes


working environment

temperature:-10~40 ℃

relative humidity: not more than 85% (no condensation) at room temperature of 25 ℃

altitude: under 1500 meters

with capacitive load capacity

test sample capacitance unlimited

can be charged with 1.5 times the rated current

structural characteristics

epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic electrical insulation double pressure cylinder

Air Insulation, No Leakage Resolution

Operation Box Features

High Precision 0.75UDC -- 1mA One-Touch Button (Accuracy ≤ 1.0) Most Suitable for Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Test

Overvoltage Protection with Dial Setting, at a glance,

vertical and horizontal dual-purpose international standard chassis is more convenient for the scene



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