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Electric comprehensive testing vehicle

The electric comprehensive test vehicle integrates advanced concepts from domestic and international testing, transforming traditional operations into centralized control operations.


Electric power integrated test vehicle

Product description

Overall functionality

• The electric comprehensive test vehicle integrates advanced concepts from domestic and international testing, transforming traditional operations into centralized control operations.

• The test instrument system is installed in the vehicle in a building block structure, and the entire system of integrated equipment is controlled and operated by a computer during the test; High voltage and low voltage control are completely separated, ensuring maximum safety.

• The integrated system management software can quickly complete the control and data processing of the experimental process.

• Through systematic and humanized design, all testing instruments, equipment, accessories, and auxiliary tools required for on-site maintenance testing and emergency repair of power transmission and transformation equipment are installed on motor vehicles.

• Safe, mobile, fast Effectively complete preventive high-voltage testing projects for substations and electrical main equipment (including transformers, arc suppression coils, switches, transformers, circuit breakers, lightning arresters, coupling capacitors, etc.) (such as insulation resistance, DC resistance, dielectric loss, leakage current, switch circuit resistance and mechanical characteristics, transformer ratio, polarity and group, and on load tap changer action characteristics testing for electrical equipment)

• Fully utilize the characteristics of the external structure to form an on-site work platform centered around the test vehicle.

• At the same time, the main control room in the vehicle with laboratory conditions is lifted and equipped with complete auxiliary functions to form a comprehensive system for on-site high-voltage testing.

• It can quickly expand to reach the test state and meet the requirements of on-site testing.

• Reverse operation and retrieval achieve storage and transportation status.

• All electrical connection wires need to be fixed to meet the displacement conditions for system debugging and recovery, without the need for repeated wiring in each test.


Performance characteristics

• Fully automatic or manual testing process and parameter settings, capable of automatically or manually collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, and generating corresponding test reports.

• Large capacity storage function, which can be viewed and printed at any time.

• Intelligent alarm, if there is poor grounding or malfunction of the equipment and vehicle body, the test equipment will not be able to start, and voice prompts will be given to guide the staff to operate the program.

• Humanized interface design, voice prompts, system display of operating procedures and precautions.

• The system is equipped with multiple shielding, isolation measures, overvoltage, transition, and protection measures, with good anti-interference performance and safe and reliable use.

• Through wireless video monitoring technology, real-time monitoring of the test site can be achieved to ensure the safety of the test site.

• The car is equipped with on-site lighting at night, which can meet the needs of night work.


Overall design

• Layout: Balanced counterweight, overall coordinated and aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly work platform.

• Floor: Special PVC imported floor, anti-corrosion, anti-static, and wear-resistant.


Distribution system

• The test vehicle independently supplies power to the system debugging equipment and ensures safety through an external single-phase 220V power supply.

• The on-board power distribution system includes switches, switch blades, voltage and current indicator meters, indicator lights, input and output sockets, grounding pile heads, and electric take-up power cable trays.

•  The distribution board is equipped with single-phase power output and single-phase power output ports to ensure other equipment and temporary power consumption on the test site.

• The distribution board is equipped with air switch, leakage protection, and emergency stop buttons, and prominent warning signs are set at key positions to ensure the safety of the test and prevent misoperation.

• Set up eye-catching and simple "emergency stop" buttons at the emergency response positions of the operators; And there are obvious power on and off points.

• The cable reel and ground wire reel adopt electric winding.

• Grounding protection device

• Special protective grounding for the entire vehicle of the testing platform.

• Special working grounding for on-board equipment.

• Instrument specific power supply protection and grounding for on-board test system testing.

• Automatic detection function of grounding protection, which is used for sound light alarm and power supply locking in case of poor grounding, and can automatically determine the difference between the small resistance Virtual ground of steel radial tire and the real grounding of grounding wire.



• Create a generator compartment.

• Drawer type installation: Connect and fix the generator on the testing vehicle. When using the generator, pull it out of the testing vehicle through a connecting plate, making it more convenient to use.

• And develop a motor to lift the door on the side door of the vehicle, equipped with a gas strut and door lock.

• Conduct waterproof and sealing treatment, and carry out noise reduction and heat dissipation treatment for the generator.


Main device space utilization

• Install and fix the main equipment, workbench, vehicle cable reel, printer, display, and other equipment for testing.

• The design is to open the door outside the equipment compartment on the right side, and open the door outside the cabinet on the left side, making the interior layout of the car more beautiful and retaining sufficient space for operators to use.


Interior Lighting

• Install interior sockets and other accessories, complete vehicle wiring, and install 4-6 lighting fixtures inside the vehicle to ensure sufficient lighting.


Site lighting

• The roof is designed with 2 high-power floodlights that can be raised, lowered, and rotated 360 °, with a maximum illumination distance of no less than 30 meters, for low light or night time testing.

• The top of the vehicle is equipped with 4 field lighting lights to ensure that there are no lighting dead spots around the detection platform.


Video monitoring

• The roof is equipped with a long-distance telephoto surveillance camera that can rotate 360 °.

• The farthest focusing distance is 60 meters, and the highest distance from the ground is 5 meters.










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