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High voltage wireless nuclear phase analyzer SPC-WX

The maximum transmission line of sight between the transmitter and the receiving host is about 100 meters


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Product description


• The SPC-WX wireless high voltage phase transformer (hereinafter referred to as the "instrument") is used for connecting two high voltage lines to the grid or loop network phase transformer. The instrument is suitable for 220V~220kV AC transmission lines and secondary live display phase verification, and also has high-voltage electrical testing function.

• The instrument adopts wireless transmission technology, which is safe and reliable to operate, convenient to use, and overcomes many shortcomings of wired nuclear phase detectors. In addition, the instrument can upgrade phase sequence detection and remote nuclear phase functions.


Technical Parameter

1) Phase difference accuracy: error ≤ 5 °.

2) Frequency accuracy: ± 0.1HZ.

3) The voltage measurement range is 220V~220kV.

4) The maximum transmission line of sight between the transmitter and the receiving host is about 100 meters.

5) Real person voice prompts for measurement results and operating steps.

6) The 3.2 inch color screen simultaneously displays the phase difference, frequency, vector plot, and phase results of two lines.

7) Automatic shutdown without operation for 1 hour continuously.

8) Both the transmitter and receiver host are equipped with built-in rechargeable lithium batteries and a 5V charger.

9) The host is equipped with an 18650 lithium battery with a capacity of 2500mAH. The transmitter has a built-in 10440 lithium battery with a battery capacity of 450mAH.

10) Leakage current during high-voltage measurement< 10uA.

11) Transmitter operating power consumption< 0.1W, receiving host working power consumption< 0.3W.

12) Working environment: -35 ℃ - -+45 ℃ Humidity ≤ 95% RH.

13) Overall weight: approximately 5KG.

14) Instrument packaging size: length 71cm * width 26cm * height 11cm.





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