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Generator rotor AC impedance tester SMT-134

Automatically and manually measure the AC impedance and characteristic curves of various synchronous generator rotors


Motor performance test instrument

Product description


This instrument adopts the most advanced high-speed microprocessor technology today, with more powerful functions and superior performance. It has the characteristics of high working reliability, easy operation, high testing accuracy, and small and lightweight. At present, it is at a leading level in China.


Function and characteristic

• Automatically and manually measure the AC impedance and characteristic curves of various synchronous generator rotors.

• Built in super large capacity memory, it can store 1000 sets of test data and can be uploaded to a PC through a communication interface (RS232). The company's developed random software is used to download data, automatically generate and edit typical test reports, making it easy for technical management and archiving.

• Fully automatic collection, measurement, display, storage, and printing of all measurement parameters (voltage, current, impedance, power, frequency, testing time, etc.).

• Equipped with comprehensive overvoltage and overcurrent protection functions, the overvoltage and overcurrent protection values are automatically adjusted according to the setting of test parameters, which is both simple and ensures the safety of the tested equipment.

• It can also be used for no-load and short-circuit tests of single-phase transformers, as well as volt-ampere characteristic tests of current transformers and arc suppression coils.

• Equipped with a large screen graphic LCD, full Chinese menu interface, cursor prompt operation, simple and convenient; Real time display of test data and curves, automatic scaling of curve coordinates, and clearer image reading.

• Equipped with a high-speed micro thermal printer, it can quickly print AC impedance test reports and AC impedance characteristic curves on the testing site.


Technical Parameter

1) AC impedance: 0-999.99 Ω; 0.2 level

2) AC voltage: 0-600V; 0.2 level

3) AC current: 0-120A; 0.2 level

4) Active power: 0-72KW; Level 0.5

5) Frequency: 45-75Hz; 0.2 level

6) Working power supply: 220V ± 10% 50HZ

7) Volume: 415 × two hundred and twenty-five × 200 mm

8) Weight: 5 kg







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