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Loop Resistance Tester HL-200

The intelligent loop resistance tester adopts advanced high-power switching power supply technology and advanced electronic circuits.


High voltage switch performance test instrument

Product description

Product Overview

• The intelligent loop resistance tester adopts advanced high-power switching power supply technology and advanced electronic circuits.

• It is a special test instrument for high and low switches, cable wires and weld contact resistance.

• Its current adopts the standard DC recommended by the national standard GB736, and the resistance value of the tested article can be measured under the condition of standard current.

• This instrument has the characteristics of small size, light weight, strong anti-interference ability, high precision, convenient operation and perfect protection function.

Performance Features

Color Touch Screen: 800 × 480 HD Color 7-inch Touch Screen, Man-Machine Dialogue, High Speed Thermal Printer.

• Multi-current gear output: Using the latest power supply technology, it can continuously output high current for a long time, and multi-current gear output. You can set 1-3 different current levels for testing, and automatically calculate the average value.

• Display a variety of data: display resistance, voltage, current, resistivity, display the resistance value at the converted standard temperature.

• Automatic overrun alarm: set the upper limit of resistance, the resistance value is qualified or overrun or invalid, and the test status is automatically generated.

• Can be tested for a long time: the measurement time can be set from 0-9999S, and it can work for a long time. Built-in cold air heat dissipation, switching power supply automatic thermal protection.

• High-precision measurement: A precision instrument operational amplifier and a high-precision quadruple integration A/D converter are used.

• The latest system chip: Using the high-performance 32-bit latest ARM chip, the system automatically switches the magnification according to the signal size during measurement, ensuring the test accuracy of the product.

• Built-in calendar clock: Built-in calendar clock provides time basis for printing and saving data.

• DC constant current source function: can output 0-maximum current, built-in step-by-step current test, quite a lot to buy a powerful DC constant current source, one machine for multiple purposes.

• Mass storage test data: This machine is equipped with mass storage, mass storage data. It has the functions of data storage and data browsing, and has the function of power-down protection.

• U disk export test data: equipped with U disk export data function, export excel file.

• Standard Modbus-RTU: equipped with RS232 interface (optional change to RS485), communication protocol is standard Modbus-RTU. Computer control and upload data: equipped with RS232 upper computer, communication can control, upload and generate word/excel files.

Bluetooth control and upload data: standard Bluetooth function, equipped with Android Bluetooth APP, can control, upload and generate word files.

• Wire control operation, convenient assembly line operation: wire control mode (optional), external one-line switch (close/open) can control test/interrupt, resistance over-limit output empty node can light up the alarm lamp.

• Wireless remote control, fast and convenient: optional remote control (optional), one-key test, one-key interrupt test, customizable remote control display test status.

• Temperature compensation automatic conversion resistance: the temperature can be preset, and the resistance value at the standard temperature can be automatically converted. The temperature can also be measured using a temperature sensor (optional).

• Background color is convenient to switch: the screen color can be set, and can be changed to pattern blue background and pattern black background. Background brightness, standby brightness and standby time can be set

• Built-in training materials: the screen is equipped with various wiring modes to guide on-site use.

• Chinese input test information: relevant sites, equipment, personnel, notes, etc. can be input in Chinese to facilitate identification and storage of test data and identification and printing of test data.

• Quick connection of high-current line: Use the latest high-current line connection interface to insert and turn, which is fast and convenient.

• Multi-phase function selection: single-phase is standard, and two identical tests (conductor resistance special tester) or three-phase identical tests can be selected.

Technical Parameters

Measuring Gear 200A Measuring Range 0~20000mW Accuracy 0.5 rdg Resolution 0.01mW Operating Power Supply AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz 2% length (mm) 450 width (mm) 250 height (mm) 280 Weight (Kg) 12.9 Ambient Temperature -25 C ~ 50 C Relative Humidity 90% RH


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