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Handheld loop resistance tester HL-100A

The handheld loop resistance tester is a new generation of micro-resistance testing instrument based on modern industrial design concepts.


High voltage switch performance test instrument

Product description

Product Overview

• The handheld loop resistance tester is a new generation of micro-resistance testing equipment developed based on modern industrial design concepts. The product is a hand-held instrument, small in size, easy to carry, built-in lithium battery power supply, especially suitable for field use.

• Using "four-wire" current and voltage test method, it can meet the measurement of small resistance of high-voltage switches, circuit breakers, relay metal contacts, etc.

performance characteristics

lithium battery power supply, one charge can continuously carry out more than 600 tests, the test process is simple and convenient;

output current is up to 100A, multi-level current is optional, and the test range is wide;

• 100A test, the longest test time can reach 60 seconds, meeting various applications on site;

• Wide range, high precision, up to 4mΩ at 50A;

instrument adopts advanced constant current source technology and has constant current output function.

• 5.0 inch super large industrial high brightness color LCD screen, the display is still clearly visible in strong sunlight;

• With native storage and USB storage, convenient data preservation.

Technical Parameters

Test Current: 100A, 50A;

• Range: 100A:0~2m Ω; A) 50A:0~4m Ω;

minimum resolution: 0.1 uΩ;

accuracy: 0.5 (reading 5 words);

output time: 1S, 3S, 10S, 20S, 30S, 60S;

battery charging time: about 3 hours;

can store data 100 group;

can be used 600 times once charging;

• Host size: 250mm * 155mm * 70mm;

• Host weight: 1.7Kg.

• Complete set weight: 6.1Kg.


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