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DC Resistance Tester ZDC173-10

With USB interface, test data can be transferred to U disk


Transformer testing instrument

Product description

Product Overview

The measurement of DC resistance is a mandatory item for semi-finished products, finished products factory test, installation, handover test and preventive test of electric power department in the manufacture of inductive coils such as transformer, transformer, reactor and electromagnetic operating mechanism, it can effectively find the manufacturing defects such as material selection, welding, loose connection parts, lack of strands, disconnection and other hidden dangers after operation of the inductive coil.

Performance Characteristics

The instrument has large output current and light weight.

• The instrument provides 6-speed output current selection and can output up to 10A current.

• The measuring range of the instrument is wide, 0.5 mΩ-100KΩ; and the resistance temperature can be converted according to the set temperature;

has perfect protection circuit and more reliable performance;

lithium ion battery power supply, easy to operate on site;

has sound discharge alarm to reduce misoperation;

AC and DC measurement methods meet the measurement requirements of different sites;

• 4.3 inch color liquid crystal display, TFT true color display with resolution of 480 × 272, Chinese operation menu, real-time print output results;

has RS485 interface, which can transmit test data to the background.

• This machine has large storage capacity and can store up to 200 test records.

has USB interface, the test data can be transferred to U disk;

parameter setting is more perfect, and the test winding, tap position, test phase, test product temperature, converted temperature value, etc. of the transformer can be set.

Technical Parameters

Output Current: 10A, 5A, 1A, 200mA, 40mA, 5mA, Automatic;

Range: 0.5mΩ ~ 1.6 Ω(10A gear)

30 mΩ ~ 3.2 Ω(5A gear)

60 mΩ ~ 16 Ω(1A gear)

100 mΩ ~ 80 Ω(200mA gear)

300 mΩ ~ 400 Ω(40mA gear)

100 Ω ~ 100 kΩ(5mA gear);

• Accuracy: 0.2%± 2 μ Ω;

• Resolution: 0.1 μ Ω;

• Operating temperature:-20~40 ℃;

• Ambient humidity: ≤ 80% RH, no condensation;

• Altitude: ≤ 1000 m

• Working power supply: DC lithium ion rechargeable battery; AC220V mains supply;

• Overall dimensions: 323*275*135mm;

• Weight: 5.28kg;


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