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Three Channel DC Resistance Tester ZDC3-10

With perfect protection circuit, strong reliability


Transformer testing instrument

Product description

Product Overview

The DC resistance of transformer is a mandatory item for semi-finished products, finished products factory test, installation, handover test and preventive test of electric power department in transformer manufacturing, can effectively find the transformer coil material selection, welding, connection parts loose, lack of strand, broken wire and other manufacturing defects and hidden dangers after operation.

Performance Characteristics

• The instrument has large output current and easy operation for automatic current selection.

• Three-channel measurement, real-time acquisition, simultaneous measurement of three resistance values, and calculation of three-phase resistance unbalance rate.

• It can measure three-phase simultaneously or single-channel measurement in a traditional way. It has a temperature conversion function and is easy to use.

• It has perfect protection circuit and strong reliability.

• Built-in calendar clock, 500 group data storage, access, printing function.

• Print information such as the phase sequence and tap position of the resistor can be set.

• Industrial plastic case, light weight, easy to carry.

• With sound discharge alarm, clear discharge indication, reducing misoperation.

Technical Parameters

Output Current: Automatic Selection Current (Maximum 20A)

Range: 0 ~ 100Ω

Accuracy: 0.2%± 2 Words

Minimum Resolution: 0.1μ Ω

working temperature:-20~40 ℃

ambient humidity: ≤ 80% RH, no condensation

working power supply: AC 220v 10%,50Hz 1Hz

altitude: ≤ 1000 m

volume: 400mm long * 340mm wide * high 195mm

net weight: 8kg


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