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JYYZ3-80 of Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester

Automatic digital microcomputer control, in the range of 0 ~ 80kV oil circulation withstand voltage test, high measurement accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, safe and reliable


Transformer testing instrument

Product description

instrument use

adopts full-automatic digital microcomputer control to carry out oil circulation withstand voltage test in the range of 0 ~ 80kV, with high measurement accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, safety and reliability.


Performance Characteristics

The instrument is controlled by a large-capacity single chip microcomputer and works stably and reliably.

instrument is equipped with a wide range watchdog circuit to prevent crash.

various operation options, the instrument program is equipped with GB1986 and GB2002 two national standard methods and custom operations, which can adapt to various choices of different users.

instrument oil cup is cast and molded with special glass at one time to prevent interference phenomena such as oil leakage. The unique high-voltage end sampling design of

instrument allows the test value to directly enter the/D converter, thus avoiding errors caused in analog circuits, make the measurement results more accurate;

• The instrument has over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit protection and other functions, and has a strong anti-interference ability, good electromagnetic compatibility;

• portable structure, easy to move, indoor and outdoor use is very convenient.


Technical Parameters

Booster Capacity: 1.5 kVA

Booster Speed: 2.0 kV/s,2.5 kV/s,3.0 kV/s,3.5 kV/s 4th gear optional

output voltage: 0~80 kV

power distortion rate:<1%

display mode: large screen liquid crystal Chinese character display

electrode gap: standard 2.5mm

overall dimensions: 409 mm × 393 mm × 388 mm

instrument weight: 29kg;

working power supply: AC 220V 10%

power supply frequency: 50±5Hz

power consumption:<200W

ambient temperature: 0~40 ℃; Relative humidity: ≤ 85%



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