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Transformer ratio group automatic tester STT-177

Wide range of applicable transformers, with Z-shaped connection transformer test function


Transformer testing instrument

Product description

Product Overview

• In the production process of semi-finished products and finished products of power transformers, before the newly installed transformers are put into operation and during the operation of transformers in power systems, according to the preventive test regulations of the Ministry of Electric Power of the people's Republic of China, periodic turns ratio or voltage ratio tests are required for operating transformers.

• The traditional variable ratio bridge is cumbersome to operate, the reading is not intuitive, and necessary conversion is required. The test result is only the value of one phase change ratio, and the three-phase change ratio should be measured phase by phase. The ratio tester overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional ratio bridge test. The screen uses a complete three-phase ratio test, the test speed is fast, the accuracy is high.

Performance Characteristics

• Wide test range, up to 10000.

• The test speed is fast, and the three-phase test is completed in 10 seconds.

• Wide range of applicable transformers, with Z-shaped connection transformer test function.

• It has the function of blind test ratio and automatic completion of group test.

• Clock and date display without power failure, data storage function (can store 50 sets of test data).

• Transformer high and low voltage reverse connection protection function.

• Transformer short circuit, turn-to-turn short circuit protection function.

• AC and DC power supply modes, convenient for field use.

• Low battery alarm function.

• Thermal printer output function, fast and silent.

• Low battery power alarm function, when the battery power is lower than 20%, the power display indicator starts to flash to remind the user to charge in time.

• Small size and light weight.

Technical Parameters

Range: 0.9~10000

Accuracy: 0.1 words (below 500)

0.2%2 words (500~2000)

0.3% words (2000~4000)

0.5% words (above 4000)

resolution: minimum 0.0001

output voltage: 160V, 10V automatic shift

operating power supply: AC220V 50Hz

operating temperature:-20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

relative humidity: ≤ 85%, no condensation

overall dimensions: 323mm * 275mm * 135mm

weight: 6.8kg


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