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GKC-S166 of High Voltage Switch Comprehensive Tester

Applicable to the mechanical characteristics test of all types of SF6 switches, GIS combined electrical appliances, vacuum switches and oil switches produced at home and abroad.


High voltage switch performance test instrument

Product description

Performance Characteristics

1. Product Performance

• Time: The inherent opening and closing time of 12 breaks, the same period and the same period.

• Reclosing: closing-closing, closing-closing, closing-closing-closing process time of each fracture: one minute time, one closing time, two closing time, gold short time, no current time value.

• Bounce: closing bounce time, bounce times, bounce process, bounce waveform of each fracture; The opening rebound amplitude of each fracture.

• Speed: just minute, just closing speed, maximum speed, time-travel characteristic curve.

• Stroke: total stroke, opening distance, overstroke, overshoot stroke, rebound amplitude.

• Current: opening and closing current value and current waveform diagram of opening and closing coil.

• Action voltage: DC30 ~ 250V/20A digital adjustable circuit breaker action power supply is provided in the machine to automatically complete the low voltage action test of the circuit breaker and measure the action voltage value of the circuit breaker.

2. Product Features

• It is suitable for the mechanical characteristic test of all types of SF6 switches, GIS combined electrical appliances, vacuum switches and oil switches produced at home and abroad.

• Super anti-interference ability, it can be easily tested and accurately measured when the bypass bus of 500KV substation is charged.

• Linear linear sensor, rotation sensor, installation is extremely convenient and simple.

• Switch action once, get switch mechanical characteristics test all data and the corresponding waveform.

• The host can store field test data and the real-time clock in the machine, which is convenient for archiving and saving the test date and time.

• Host large screen, wide temperature, direct perspective, background light liquid crystal, full Chinese display of all data and

• map, electronic adjustment of liquid crystal contrast, power-off memory.

• Chinese menu operation, easy to use. Instrument built-in printer, at any time to quickly print all data and maps.

• The instrument is equipped with a RS-232 interface, which can be operated online with a PC, and can also be output to various needle, laser or inkjet printers to print test reports to computerize field tests.

Technical Parameters

Operating Environment

Input Power Supply: 220V 10% 50Hz 10%

Atmospheric Pressure: 86 ~ 106kpa

Temperature:-10~40 ℃

humidity: ≦ 80% RH

safety performance

insulation resistance:>2MΩ

dielectric strength: power supply to casing power frequency 1.5KV withstand voltage for 1 minute, no flashover and arcing.

basic parameter

time: measuring range: 4000.0ms; Resolution: 0.1ms

error: ① within 100ms; 0.1ms ± 1 word; ② more than 100ms; 0.1%± 1 words

speed: range: 20.00 m/s; Resolution: 0.01 m/s

error ① within 0-2 m/s; 0.1 m/s 1 word; ② More than 100ms; ± 0.2 m/s ± 1 word





Vacuum Circuit Breaker



1%± 1 words

SF6 circuit breaker



low oil circuit breaker


current: range: 20.00A; Resolution: 0.01A

Output Power: DC30 ~ 250V; Digital adjustable:/20A (instantaneous operation)

overall dimensions: 360mm(L)× 280mm(W)× 300mm(H)

weight: 9kg


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